Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Whittling Doodles

And sometimes a sketch might be
just me learning more about my ipad.

Way back in the days of being a young mother of miniature men
we explored whittling.
They did branches
I did a tiny piece of driftwood.
It became something like a worry bead
and has travelled with me ever since.

On the other side Mother Nature had whittled herself
a face with a beautiful head of curls.


  1. My husband whittles and carves. When the boys were young, all three sat together and played at it. Just one of the things my Papa has taught his boys.

  2. O i see so many faces in that piece. when the light changes and time passes you'll see many more too, some color with you iPad some with you memories. I use to collect drift wood too when I was near the shore. there is a special softness in the wood - the intervention of the elements.

  3. yes, what we make is about learning something!

  4. nice piece of driftwood. i have a drawing program on my kindle fire but i haven't yet had time to play with it.

  5. I love to carve and whittle. It is like cloth, waiting to be told what the wood wants to tell. I also see a bird's face in the driftwood. It is a magnificent piece with many stories to tell.

  6. Carol and Jeannie...I so admire those who can create 3D sculptures or perhaps whittles.

    Henrietta...Will take another look at her.

    Jude...So true.

    Deanna...Takes some getting used to!

  7. I remember having a go at whittling. In the end I decided I was better at embroidery..

  8. Love nature's whittling. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. interesting. of all the things
    i have loved and let go, a
    few oh so soft spontaneous carvings
    remain, going along forever


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