Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Walking Solid Land or Stitching Above the Surface

We walked the rock bound woods
I love this place

and walked the rocky shore of a frozen lake.
The rusty pups walked on water
well, frozen water that is.
They were following coyote tracks
that disappeared across the ice.
Luckily those pups were happy to return when called.

Stitching on that sun was such hard work on Sunday
decided to explore stitching above the surface
with ladder stitch in a natural silk noil.

Daily sketches are still going on
but I have thoughts about that commitment
that I need to sort out.


  1. Hi Penny
    You are an Earth Spirit. At least that is my thought about you from getting to know you through your blog. I like that about you. Your life and your art certainly reflect your love of nature and life.

    I enjoy seeing your drawings and they are so good. If you are having second thoughts about continuing, perhaps you should downsize, or switch to a weekly sketch. O, sorry, that was selfish of me. Coming from someone that is trying to spend more time doing what I enjoy, I should be encouraging you to do the same!!

    xx, Carol

  2. How clear a view you have - realistically and metaphorically. I'm always so appreciative of getting to see your surroundings. We had a week of gray skies - only tiny slivers of sun would peak out and just as quickly disappear. Amazingly sometime the sky at night is clearer then the day! Your stitch work too has me wondering off the page. sigh

  3. loving that ladder stitch. it's different from the ladder stitch i know.

  4. Hello Penny,
    just discovered your blog. I like your work. The fabric one as well as your sketching. It shows your love for life and nature.
    Hello from Doris in Germany :o)

  5. oh, those divine stitches!! how i envy your amazing thread work!



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