Monday, 16 January 2012

Thread Stories

Yesterday burning logs kept us warm
and a sun began emerging on this piece.
If you look carefully you'll see 
She's surrounded by a few black holes
where stitches were tried and rejected
or perhaps burnt to a cinder!

Perhaps because it was so cold
 I decided on a bold warm sun.
Trouble is I decided not to remove
the background fabric under the sun
and the combination of these two cottons
is tougher than I thought to stitch through.
I can feel my median nerve feels very tender
so I'll move on to gentler stitching for a day or so.
I've had carpal tunnel before and it's no fun for a stitcher!

Having worked all day on a sun
I decided to stitch a moon for my daily scratching
but what I visualized didn't occur at all, at all
and it looks more like a Catherine Wheel!

And so the day was spent with my basket of threads
in front of the fire.


  1. Thank you for that sun this -25c morning!

  2. I haven't made it away from the wood stove yet this morning... freezing outside and in the house, cold enough to keep both Pasha and I cuddled by the fire.

    Beautiful sun!

  3. ..wood stoves and threads....

    ..what a great way to spend time :-)

  4. AH, the sun is quite grand and maybe there was a little music on the moon and that's what you stitched up. i love thread baskets...color upon color. like the rust of the sun, if i'm correct. very beautiful.

  5. I'm lovin' that sun! And the vision of you sitting by the fire stitching! Lovely....I love a fireplace.

  6. Such beautiful stitching. The sun is fabulous!

  7. I love what you've done with that rusted circle. I try not to use rusted fabric because it is so hard to sew through, which you know. But sometimes you just have to. Take care of your hands!

  8. Oh my this is absolutely stunning! I adore the warm tones and beautiful stitching <3

  9. Beautiful. The sun is so wonderful. It sounds like a perfect day - stitching around the fire.

  10. It sounds like a wonderful day. And even some solar flares!

  11. I like this very much...and your sunny walk too!

  12. That sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day!

  13. A day spent stitching in front of a fire...something from the heart -- and you shared that wonderment with everyone. Thank you :o)

  14. Lovely! So glad I happened upon your blog, and it made this Minnesotan actually feel warm, which is a true January gift.

  15. Hi, this is Nancy. In case I don't get to commenting on any future posts, just know that I love absolutely everything you stitch. This sun is Magnificent...Wonderful...etc.
    And the swirly medicine wheel in the daily scratching...Great too! Coming here is pure pleasure :)

  16. What a gorgeous sun and interesting moon!

  17. We have spare the air days here in California, so no fires. Thanks for sharing yours, and your work.

  18. Love that sun! Wonderful stitching.

  19. What could be better than sitting in front of the fire with some stitching. I had hoped for at the very least an electric 'fire' in our new place but alas, it's not to be.


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