Sunday, 1 January 2012

Sunrise on January First

Break of dawn on a brand new year
and to my surprise I'm still blogging!
I started with trepidation
but have found a warm and welcoming community on-line.
Thank you for dropping by for a visit.
I enjoy your company.
Many of you have become dear friends.

Joy and blessings on you and yours for this brand new year.

As I'm stitching into the new year
I'm looking back at row upon row of Rusty Gate stitching.
Neat  lines of straight stitch
obviously freshly mown grass behind the gate!

And then the more organic flowing stitches on Celtic Crow
which reflect thoughts of an ancient cave wall.

Now there is chaotic stitching going on!
Do you see I left the fly stitching in and
being surrounded they look like they belong!
But it's allowed to be chaotic because
I'm thinking of dappled sunlight
in the woods around me......not that they are dusty rose at all at all!

Being a piece about the sun
it seems appropriate that there would be
little goddesses of the dawn with arms open wide
dotted about the piece.

Wonder what this new year will bring.


  1. this year I wish you: some time, every day a little bit, to feel free, happy, lucky without thinking about the burden of others. It will sound strange but I mean it, I wish it for myself so to you too!


  2. maybe you'll finish that sock!
    ps: how funny, the word verifcn is "stocings" - i had to laugh.

  3. love the goddess touch. your stitching is always an inspiration.

  4. A very Happy New Year to you and yours.

  5. Happy New Year to you and your family Penny! I wonder too what the year will bring... :)

  6. And a very happy,Happy New Year to you, the hub and both rusty pups!For you I wish for continued reativity, inspiration and an endless supply of cast off clothing, blankets and rusty objects!!

  7. You know that I meant creativity, not reativity, didn't you? I was editing one of the words and somehow lost the "C". I wish you silly giggles for the new year as well.

  8. This year will bring...wonderfulness!

  9. Hoping your year will bring lots of joy in stitching :-)

  10. Always a joy to stop by here & see your wondrous hand work...and I look forward to a whole 'nother year of it!

  11. Thank you for sharing on your blog. It's one of my favourite places to visit. Wishing a happy, healthy new year to you and yours.

  12. such a beautifully stitched together post - lots and lots of best wishes for the year, whatever it may bring us. - sus

  13. I enjoy so much visiting your blog and getting inspired by the amazing embroideries.
    May 2012 be a year of cretivity (of course) and serenity: the 2 go together, I think!

  14. Yvette....big hugs to you and your blacks. make me laugh. No sock progress here for ages!

    Deanna..As is yours.

    Dolores...Back at you.

    Deb...No matter what we'll go with the flow.

    AM...I was giggling as soon as I hit 'reativity'.

    Bohemiannie...Wonderfulness would be great!

    Lynnette...and a speedy renewal for Christchurch.

    Sweetpea...and your voice in blogland is so important to me.

    Ruby glad you enjoy...thanks.

    Susan...and the same wishes back to you.

    Blandina...Thank you so much. I noticed the lizard missing his you know what happened?

  15. So glad you left those fly stitches in - they flow so well within the space and now belong. I'm finding, as I learn more by looking and doing, that sometimes you have to just keep going despite the doubts, and the doing calls out the hidden solution. Your little goddess is delightful - happy new year

  16. I'm sure it will be a good year. I'm glad to see that someone is managing to do some stitching!


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