Thursday, 12 January 2012

Sometimes Things Work and Sometimes They Don't!

Daily scratchings are more to my liking this week.
After the disappointment of that many coloured first week
a snippet of college day memories came back.
Using many different stitch types
keep it monochrome
or perhaps analogous
with just a few surprises.
Using the same stitch
lay colour upon colour.
Not necessarily a rule to follow
but worth remembering
if something's not working for you.

And so a change after only one week...
Wonder what week 52 will bring!

What I wanted to play with
was the difference between the dangling brown cat-tails
and the horizontal lozenges of the water reflections.
Didn't work
The water is confusing!


  1. well the title of this post is my quote for the day.

  2. yes, you listened to the work. excellent! really fine. and that goose!

  3. the stitching is wonderful. like a landscape with lots of dimension.

  4. Love the Canadian Goose! Everytime i hear them, which is not often anymore they make my heart leap. I have loved them from childhood. My hubby caught sight of some flying south this year but i missed them.Hugs! deb

  5. ...whatever YOU think...

    ...the bird doesn't seem to care!

    I like the picture, water and all :-)

  6. canada geese always remind me of my father. when he was alive and was still able to be active on weekends we'd drive to the local park (our city version of wilderness/nature!) and of course the geese had come inland for the cold months - more grass for them to pick on...and we started take bread to feed them. probably shouldn't have done that but still, they would wobble over to us and we let them eat out of our hands. a good memory for balance. and your stitching - proves that stitch and cloth can render such calming, visual reflections. thank you for helping me remember dad today.

  7. Guess this is going around... that is my quote of the last TWO WEEKS as I wait and wait and wait for heat in my new studio so I can move in :( -waiting- :) moving in!

    Seeing more of the cloth I see ground with all kinds of tracks on it.

  8. Hi from rainy Tennessee! Getting gorgeous, Penny! The texture is becoming fabulous. I am loving your bird sketches too.

  9. For what it's worth I think they both worked. I really like the little horizontal and vertical marks in the drawing.

  10. I agree with your 'rules'
    Keep it Simple.

    Either single or analogous colour with several stitches.

    Or the same stitch with different colours.

    Even more so , I like the idea of just one stitch and one colour...different sizes of stitch, different scale and tint or tone of colour.

    And I want to tell you how much your bird sketches speak to me. They are beautiful.

    and yes...time for a retreat.
    Let's email about that.

  11. It will certainly be interesting to see what changes as the year turns!


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