Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Shadow of the Sun

Stitching row upon row over the sun
the title of this piece revealed itself as
'Shadow of the Sun'.

Wrapped running stitch might do for the rays.
Hopefully that lumpy bumpy thread will behave itself.

Evening grosbeak dining in the crab apple tree.
Looking closely at the photo a small white feather revealed itself
and would have to be included in any stitching.


  1. Might it be easier to use the lumpy bumpy stitch just on the surface, maybe couched instead of whipped?

  2. I like the look of the lumpy-bumpy. It adds great texture. The fabric is too perfect for this design. Of course, the sun is my Hope Icon, so I would love it. But I REALLY do love it.
    xx, Carol

  3. Nice to see the sun! I like the bumpy.

  4. That's going to look really special when it's done!

  5. OOO, a penny for *my* thoughts :) FABU!

  6. something of a setting sun as well - as they say - at night, delight the next day...this sun will delight no matter where it shines...very wonderfilling.

  7. I love the bumpy! And your sun...Beautiful and just in time for the solar flares!

  8. Ooooh and look at these photos!


  9. The fabric itself was gorgeous. Now your stitching has taken it to a new level. It is so beautiful and I like how you have accented the rays. The bumpy thread is a wonderful texture and adds tension to to rays. Your painting of the Grosbeak is beautiful. I have been enjoying the Cedar Waxwings and Goldfinches this morning in the dogwood. Why bird's feathers don't become coated with freezing rain is on of Nature's mysteries.

  10. A beautiful sun! and yes, the solar flares, a celebration...That little bird seems definitely to be saying something...

  11. Rachel...I started off with couched but found the lines I produced too straight. But thanks to you I've gone back and tried again adding knots and more lumps to the couched threads. It is much less stressful on the thread.

    Carol...Seems appropriate...the sun as a hope icon...like that.

    Jeannie...birds are a mystery in themselves...or at least magical.

    Suzanna...He's too full of crab apples to say anything! Did you notice the red staining of his beak!

    Thank you all for taking the time to comment. You make sharing with you such a joy.

    I am amazed that the sun is acting up just as I'm blogging my sun!

  12. Those sun rays just sizzle! Beautiful!


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