Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Rock-bound Woods

A rocky edged river flows deep in the woods.

Rocks smoothed by the flow of water and ice.

Rocks that support seal-like trees!

Rocks that protect entrances to somebody's home.

Rocks that litter our path through the woods.
We came here today because when the snow gets really deep
we can't get here.

For handy hubby who thought it looked like a sock puppet!

Being in the woods reminded me of the heron blending in with my trees.
So that's what I sketched....took forever.

Because we were in the woods scratching went greenish.


  1. you have herons staying around, too! (or not--) and your woods is very like the woods here.

  2. I love how you connect walk and sketch and stitch...

  3. The colours are beautiful. I love that wonderful rust colour and the greens with the more neutral palette of the snow and the grey/browns in the trees, etc. I see some fabulous inspiration for a new piece.


  4. love seeing the tips of the trees just edged with snow. we don't get much snow here so i enjoy the images from afar.

  5. That woods and stone looks very much like the woods around the gorge not far from here - tall cliffs and rushing water. I love stone, water and trees together. And it looks like that heron in the trees was time consuming!

  6. Deb captured my thoughts as well. Makes me want to go for a walk in the woods :)

  7. Your heron may have taken forever...but certainly worth it from my point of view. :)
    And when you said deep snow...I had a mind blink. I can't even relate to snow anymore as it's 84 degrees right now where I'm sitting!

  8. Beautiful nature art and stitch. England is simply wet and windy

  9. I love these pictures and envy you being able to get out and about with camera in hand. I've come down with a cold after our trip and can only look through the window at these winter mornings.

  10. Really enjoying your sketching and daily stitching. Your sketched woods are beautiful and I like that your daily stitching is achieveable...not too much that it becomes a chore some days, but enough that it is satisfying.

    Jacky xox

  11. Oh I miss the snowy woods...your heron is lovely...I like the border, too...

  12. Thanks for sharing all these photos and what you saw in them - such beauty. And I love how your heron has such personality!

  13. i'm going to sound like an echo...but your woods are beautiful. you are very luck to be so close to the natural world. the city is never so fine looking. i know you appreciate and don't take it for granted - it comes through in you work. i'm going to be a little nosey here and ask, what stitch is the very bottom row? it looks more complicated then the fern or fly. works well in the translations from the view to the cloth. thank you.

  14. Annie...I'd take 84 degrees any day over the minus degrees we get in winter!

    Deb...I think the world around me influences everything I do.

    Linda...Oh yes, those rusty pine needles on bright green mosses...perfect.

    Deanna...Wish I could enjoy it from afar!

    Valerianna....Your gorge is beautiful.'s those magnificent trees no matter where in the world that make it magical.

    Kat...Ah but those bluebell woods in the England I know are so uniquely beautiful.

    Penny...Feel better.

    Jacky...I'm thinking that after 365 days it might actually be something!

    Suzanne..I love that you have a horse called Bird. and I see you have a heron there too.

    Yvonne...You know I don't really think of it as helps me sort through my thoughs.

    Henrietta...I met someone the other day who would rather be in a city scape than out here in the woods! That stitch is cretan stitch by the way.

  15. I love this sketch, so like you stitches - beautiful walk, too. -sus

  16. Gorgeous - love the heron - it was worth the time!


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