Monday, 30 January 2012

Raw Materials

Neatly stacked
all prim and proper
ready for the kids to arrive.

Nature's soft colours

and subtle markings

and the seductive feel of flowing silk

So much potential
so many ideas
Can't wait to work on them
but first a lovely family week.


  1. Here's to a week that's more perfect than you've imagined!

  2. Oh, Penny, lucky you!! DO enjoy your family visit! I KNOW you will. Your silk is glorious. I am off to order some myself. All I have is Dupioni at the moment, nice, but I need some nice smooth Habotai!

  3. Beautiful fabrics, Penny.
    Enjoy your family visit - I hope that you will still be able to stitch a bit during it...
    And Happy Birthday!!


  4. I wish I could reach right into the screen and touch these beauties! A belated Happy Birthday to you, I've been away from blogland for a couple of days and missed it.

  5. Wishing you a week of fun, joy, and laughter. The cloths glow with potential and await your return. Have fun!

  6. Your raw materials are very attractive, Penny - enjoy your family (what a great excuse to have a clean house)! -sus
    ps - belated happy birthday!

  7. family and fabric. waiting and joy. and maybe some dog love.

  8. mmmmm - these all look so yummy. Enjoy your family time!


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