Saturday, 28 January 2012

House Cleaning

Little chatterbox dangling on my suet ball.

Not much in the way of creativity going on here lately.
Son Mark and his beautiful Donna arrive on Monday
so cobwebs are being swept away
dust bunnies are being shooed out of corners.

All the graffiti I've been able to write with fingers on dusty tabletops
have to be erased.

To me this housework business is a chore to be suffered through.
But some folk express their creativity with housework like that.
Just a different way of being an artist.


  1. I LIKE that thought. I never thought about it, but there IS an art to being a good housekeeper.

    Sigh, it will ALWAYS be a chore to me.

  2. Sometimes I'm good at it, sometimes hopeless! When I get busy, well, I'm hopeless!

  3. housework-artwork??? oh, my. maybe that's why my mom was so good at it. but it loses out in my world. unless i have company coming, like you.

  4. public view, private view, who's to view, it's your view...yep, depends on who's going to knock on the door.

  5. When the children were young and I was forced out of the studio more than in, I learned to look at many of my daily activities as expressions of art - lots of different ways of being an artist, yes! I love the little chatterbox drawing... xxoo, sus

  6. Your chatterbox drawing is wonderful. I have been sitting this morning watching the goldfinch at the feeder and looking for signs of spring. I had never thought of housecleaning as an artform. Mom is a master artist, then. Me- not so much. Have a wonderful time with your guests.

  7. that was definitely my mom's artform. it was one of mine before i retired, but since then, not so much...even if company is coming.

  8. I think the art of housework would be in learning how to get it done quickly - if you are going to do it - and then get to the art part.
    Love your stuff.

  9. Happy Birthday for Monday!! Yay for birthdays even tho there has to be cleaning up beforehand

  10. Love your chatterbox, are they called that because they don't stop 'talking'? Jenny in Australia

  11. Yes, housework is for the birds!

    Thanks Kaite!

    For Jenny...My 'chatterbox' is in fact a chickadee and yes they do chatter away at us as we refill the bird feeders. They will also eat out of your hand.

  12. Housework as art? Yuck - I get through it as fast as I can so I can play with needle and thread. Enjoy your visit with family (and I see that there might just be some birthday cake??).


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