Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Freeze is Settling in

Stitching on the Rusty Gate continued yesterday
and as the textures grew...

...beachy textures came to mind.

The lakes are forming icy skins

and yesterday it snowed.

Think our heron has finally flown South
but one day his presence around the pond will be
stitched into cloth.
Perhaps I'll record the day we found him way atop
the dead spruce tree
checking to see if rusty pups were around.


  1. Your sketches are amazing. What is your background in art? Did you study? I'm sorry to ask if you have mentioned it before.

  2. He'd certainly want a good vantage point for seeing a pair of exuberant rusty pups!

  3. Finally seeming a bit white and wintry here, if just a light dusting. Wonderful, textural photos. So interesting how our eyes find that which they seek.

  4. Rusty gate looks delicious! What beautiful color and texture. WOW!

  5. always love seeing the Rusty Gate piece. those beachy textures are magnificent.

  6. the textures you create with stitch and pen are so alive. such a reflection of the beauty around you.

  7. Carol...Just studied City and Guilds in Embroidery and Design. Don't forget I am doing it from photographs and my reason for doing it is to work out how the heck to stitch it!

    Annie...with there were more hours in the day!

    Rachel...wonder who would come off worse if they ever actually caught up with him!

    And Valerianna we really have to pay attention to what it is our eyes seek. Handy hubby often wonders why the heck I'm pointing my camera at something....his eyes are different.

    Cathie and Deanna...and Rusty Gate has been going a LONG time!

    Handstories.....really all I want to do is record how I love it...what's around me that is.

  8. Your sketches have me drolling with envy. Envious that you draw so beautifully and because you have such beautiful subjects to draw! I must see about importing some bluebirds! :)


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