Monday, 2 January 2012

Daily Sketching and Scratching

Playtime in a sketchbook is so important
and I don't do enough of it.
The routine of a daily sketch popped up in conversations
so many times last year.
Perhaps the universe was giving me a nudge.
I'm game to have a go.
On wintry days like this a pile of photographs
waits to be explored.
Just like the sandpipers surrounded by protective walls of kelp.
We shall see how it goes. 

As if sketching wasn't enough.
There's a long strip of cotton stretching out in front of me.
I'm aiming to 'scratch' at least one line a day
choosing a colour and stitch that feel right.
As I always do at this time of year
yesterday was a day of contemplating what the heck my purpose is
for being here on this planet.
you'd think by now I'd have it down pat!


  1. well maybe it gets easier with time? but no less confusing.

    can't wait to see the scratches grow

  2. Love both of your projects. Can't imagine a day going by without making something...

  3. i'm trying to get into sketching as well but i keep putting it off. just love your sketch. i can see that background in stitch.

  4. Penny, these are gorgeous! I LOVE the sandpipers. We enjoyed watching them doing their little synchronized ballet every time a wave rolled in. The kelp surrounding will be fun to stitch!

  5. I too am trying to get back to a regular sketching habit. I have piles of sketchbooks from my previous incarnation as a painter. Since I began making jewelry, not so much. I love your birds!

  6. maybe we'll both be scratching away in our books this year...

    ...and, yes, probably a lot of those pages will turn into something else!

    x Chris

  7. i don't think it gets easier but more confusing as we "mature" especially with all there is out there now. give me a cabin in the woods and candle power, a soft chair and a few cats (my mom's wonderful puppy dog - a beagle named nosey) and i could happily close the door and be happy, settled and not confused. i think confusion comes because that old purse that we keep stuff crap into gets bigger and bigger. you know the theory about women's purses - the bigger the bag the more we carry. so that being said, you scratch, sketching to the same gesture, different tool blended in harmony i think. sandpipers are one of my favorite birds to watch - the way the skim along the shore with the incoming outgoing tides...all about rhythm. ah, beautiful beginning.

  8. Both such worthy projects. Love your birds :)
    Happy New year to you.

  9. Daily practice - ah yes, one of those things I keep trying to achieve. Maybe this year will be the one!

  10. Oh my, I have exactly the same question twirling around in my head.
    A wonderful sketch of an interesting scene.

  11. if that's a simple sketch then what are your finished drawings like? it reminds me of the Japanese drawings of the sea.

  12. An amazing sketch! And wonderful stitching in this post and the last one. Very inspiring!

  13. Daily drawing is a great habit! Your drawing is elegant - so much 'color' in your black and white. xxoo, sus

  14. i suppose the first thing we would have to figure out is...who the heck is 'pat'?

    love the sittches...stitches...

  15. I love the organic shapes and patterning in your sketch - and your growing lines of stitch. Where I'm at with the big question is that the purpose of life is life itself.


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