Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A bright Sunshiny Day

Sunshiny cold
Tracking through the snow
two people and a couple of rusty pups

but someone crossed our path
a porcupine I think
and one pup veered off to follow that delicious scent

Standing beneath echoing walls
wondering who might be watching
from the safety of those cliff tops

a gentle haze of trees
a wall of solid rock

Faster than me
the others stop and wait every now and then.
I drop a glove
and only realize half way down!
But everything's good on a bright sunshiny day.


  1. Brrrrr! I LOVE that wall of rocks! Hope you're bundled up warmly.

  2. I love when you post pictures of your area. I have to admit, you are braver than I because I don't spend any time in the snow that I don't have to. But I sure did when I was younger.

  3. Hi Penny. What a gorgeous walk you had ! Do you know what that cracked cliff face is composed of? Looks volcanic? It is hard to tell from the photos.

  4. Cloudy and snowy here today... finally, winter. I love walking and finding that the paths I walk are often the critter trails, and the trails I make are often then the trails that the critters take - we two leggeds and four leggeds search for the path of least resistance, it seems. I like how we share paths with each other, as it should be, but not always so known.

  5. Hi Penny,
    That's looks like a wonderful place to walk with your dogs! Thanks for sharing it with us. We have snow finally heading our way, so we're hoping that it will just dump snow on the mountains around us :-)
    Enjoy your week,

  6. Thanks for the lovely walk in the snow...

  7. Blue skies and white snow - one of the nicest combinations!

  8. Bright and means COLD here, too. So cozy to come home, after a beautiful walk. Happy day, sus

  9. a beautiful walk but brrr, no glove.

  10. Such a beautiful walk. When you wonder who could be watching, I think of all the Louis L'amour old western books I read in the early 1980's. It's so easy to visualize how it must have been.

  11. sunshine here yesterday (so it took it's time to get to you) but today, rain and sleet and ice and the snow is melting, melting

  12. Penny...we have much less snow than usual. I thought I heard you are getting more than usual?

    Carol..Not so brave! I walk through the snow with a couple of walking poles which I hope will keep me upright!

    RT..That would be basalt.

    Valeriana...I love your paths.

    Hey Judy..Thanks for dropping by. I see you have a "rusty pup" too!

    Suzanna...yes, not so much fun on a dreary day.

    Rachel...Perhaps a blue and white quilt is in order!

    Susan..Almost anything feels better when the sun shines.

    Kaite...Had to go back and get it just in case that porcupine or one of his friends decided to walk off with it!

    Nancy...And how the weather must have affected their lives then.

    Velma...Hope that sleet stays on the mainland!

  13. those cliffs/rocks are wonderful. love seeing all this snow. we never see that here.

  14. Lovely photos and I'm very glad a rusty pup didn't catch up to that porcupine!!


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