Friday, 20 January 2012

Beachy Texture

Grains of Sand gathered on the lee side of
Anything the wind couldn't move.
And some thoughts on stitching
French knots
Bullion knots
slits with threads popping through from underneath.

Nearer the water
looking more like a reptilian skin
or bubbling nuno felting
Smocking perhaps.

The transition from wet sand to water
fascinating from a stitching point of view.
I see blanket stitch transitioning to straight stitches
perhaps on a sheer over a piece of boro mending.

A ruched landscape

or a million little kantha stitches.

tucks and folds
blanket stitch 
Just thinking out loud.


  1. Hi, Penny. Your interpretation of the photos forces readers to see the photos in a different way. Really interesting post!
    best from Tunisia,

  2. Yes, it's a whole new view, sometimes, to wonder about how to render a scene in stitch!

  3. i love how you interpret the view into stitch.

  4. I love your photographs and your interpretation of each scene. Translating them into stitches shows real creativity.

  5. When I go to the Oregon Coast, I take hundreds of photos of the tide marks. The dance they make on the beach is so beautiful. I always wanted to capture that on cloth - the ripples, the erosion, the bits of shells, wood, and rocks. I have also wanted to take paint and lay cloth out to see if I could sunprint the ripples. So many possibilities. Wishing you a creative and fun filled weekend.

  6. Great thoughts, Penny! Really awesome!! How strange that we all hear so often, "where do you get your ideas ?" Duh!!Look around, folks. Look and SEE!

  7. i miss being able to see wet sand at will. thanks for the visuals.

  8. All those visuals are feasts for those of us who create aren't they.

  9. Great photos. I love this beachy texture.


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