Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Airy Sea |Walk

Perhaps sometimes we think too much.
Perhaps we are here just to experience everything we come across.
I know today I'm to experience one of my favourite places.
It's raining back home but through the magic of iphone aps
we knew it was clear down at the beach.
Rusty pups are way ahead of us
they love this place too.

Take a deep breath
That sea air is so cleansing

We have it all to ourselves.

Coming at low tide means a good walk to water's edge....

where the wind was blowing frothy lines.

Rusty pups love handy hubby...

but Shandy the fetcher really loves the tennis ball in his hand
and Kayla the hunter really needs to watch that seagull in the distance.

There certainly weren't any of these little dancers to chase.

A sandy coloured undulation seemed right.


  1. Beautiful photos, Penny. We love the Fundy Shore too. We have camped at Parrsboro and walked the misty beach there many times. Thanks for sharing today.

  2. When you are there, all alone just the 2 of you and the wildlife, do you feel like you are the only persons on earth? Its a beautiful place to just "be" that's for sure.

  3. Lovely to see all that wide open space!

  4. i think the open space opens your mind...and you translate it all so beautifully into stitch. I really appreciate seeing these cloths...what a wonderful experience it would be to hold them. what came first the stitch or the sketch.

  5. the sand makes a nice sketchpad and then it all gets washed away.

  6. First of all: wish you and your love ones all the best for a creative new year!
    Love your daily sketching, Penny!
    Sweet pups too!

  7. Ah I do miss the ocean, it looks beautiful where you live. Your sketches and stitches always have me reaching for pen and thread. Happy new year to you xxx

  8. ..love those pups!!!

    ...and the stitched undulations are beautiful....

    I wish we lived a bit nearer to the coast..

    ...but then, we have the mountains :-)

  9. Carolynn...Parrsboro is somewhere I'd like to spend more time.


    Rachel & Annie...Yes, just purrfect!

    Ani...I'm not quite sure!

    Deanna...I so admire those artists who do beachside installations only to see them eaten up by the sea.

    Thanks Els!

    Hoola Tallulah....Happy play with pen and thread to you too!

    Chris....Aaah...the mountains.

  10. penny, those pics are gorgeous. such a generousness of oceanside. and then the prosaic and happy and very earthy dogs. how full of life!


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