Sunday, 23 October 2011

Thinking of Mark

We've been thinking of Mark this weekend
who is participating in a show at the wonderful McMichael Gallery
in Kleinburg..
If you're nearby
do go and drop'll love his work.

I love these trees on a rocky shore.

And just look at how he makes that water sparkle.

Mark is brilliant at bringing water to life....

Mark is a Pisces.....

You'd think that his family would have put two and two together....

But no, it took a stranger wandering into Mark's gallery
"The Artist's Den" in Collingwood
to point that out!


  1. Dear Penny,
    You must be so massively proud with this so very talented son ... I am a new Mark Berens fan !!!!!
    How absolutely appropriate that he show these at the Kleinberg ! Kudos !

  2. The sunlight dancing on the water is just amazing! I know that you're a proud momma, but then again, you have every right to be!!

    Thanks for a brilliant three days in TO!! I know that I'm not the most obedient student in class, but then again, I'm confident that you don't really mind. That's what makes you so special! I'll try to post about the class a little later today.

  3. Wonderful paintings. Thanks for showing us your son's work.

  4. magnificent pieces and brilliant interpretation of water. I, too, am a pisces who can't swim.

  5. I love the paintings. Such talent. I love you quilts too. Must ren in the family.
    I want to do some quilts of days but I do not have a dog. Allergies.
    Would you share some photos of your dogs?

  6. How wonderful these are. The canvas almost looks wet with the water. Beautiful reflections. Just lovely - and I know you are beaming with pride!

  7. I love his skies too, Penny...they are the sort of paintings that help one to see life more clearly...

  8. Gorgeous! Is Mark your son? You must be one proud momma if he is.

  9. He certainly is brilliant when it comes to water. Talent runs rampant in the family, for sure.
    Glad you are back.

  10. the water is brilliant, it moves!

  11. Penny- these really are magnificant1 Mark knows water! :)

  12. Wonderful paintings. Thanks for showing them. Congratulations to Mark and to you as well.

  13. Just brilliant. What talent!

  14. Quiet water is so difficult to do, as well - wonderful paintings!

  15. Penny, Mark's paintings truly are amazing! I would love to see them in the gallery and would love to see the vistas and witness the quality of light he has captured in them. Thank you so much for posting them! Cheers!

  16. I would say the apple didn't fall far from the tree with your son - his work is so inspiring. How I wish I could have gone to that show! (ps. is he going to be at the One of A Kind show this year?)


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