Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Small Pieces Sometimes Take the Longest

Funny how a small eagle piece can take so long.
This was started under Jude's guidance
about a year ago I think!

I think of him as a messenger travelling between the planets and the heavens.
Fly stitch seemed appropriate.

He can soar even above a shadowy moon and stars that remind me of quilters blocks.

A meeting place of stitches
oh, and of course some rust.


  1. YES Penny, it's a "patchwork beasts" piece !!! Great to see it again. The stitching is wonderful (but that's somehow your trade-mark ;-) !!!)
    The photos of last post are beautiful (although I myself am more a wood than a sea person ....)

  2. In my experience, acreage and duration have nothing to do with one another at all!

  3. Love his 'feathers' and so appropo to use the feather stitch. He has a real spirit.

  4. to my Aussie eyes from downunder here, he looks very Nth American/Alaskan mystical, from some ancient source. The use of fly stitch has never been more appropriate.

  5. I love your selection of fabrics and stitch on this piece, really stunning.

  6. Finishing a long over due project is inspiring in itself ... a job well done ... your creativity now has wings.

  7. most inspiring! i love it! those gorgeous feathers really make him sing.

    i find smaller projects easier to leave behind in favor of others all the while thinking, "this will only take a few moments more to finish, so i can go ahead and start something else"...of course, coming back to it is sometimes difficult...but usually warmly welcomed, like your wonderful piece here!

  8. Beautiful stitching and messenger! That was such a fun class and I enjoyed sharing it with you and seeing your work.

  9. I love your stitched pieces. Have just shared a post about the Magic Feathers project and have also shared a link to you :-)

  10. oh wow...gorgeousxxworth the waitxxlynda


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