Friday, 14 October 2011

River Life

Rivers run through deep woods in these parts.

Mark has been a keen fisherman since the age of eight.
He already knows every river here
and they are teeming with salmon and rainbow trout.

Sometimes the rivers have to dive over tall escarpments.
Surely an impossible jump for the salmon.

Sometimes they are blocked by dams
and so we provide fish escalators.

The salmon are moving from way out there in Georgian Bay
up the rivers to spawn.
I've never seen a salmon run before
There are so many fish
and they are huge.
Quite fascinating to watch.


  1. Cool. Love seeing the escalator, I've known of these but never seen one.

  2. if there are so many fish there then perhaps there are bears as well to feed in the fish restaurant?

  3. I would love to see all of this - in person! It's beautiful :)

  4. That's something few of us get to see except on TV - it must be a fascinating sight!


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