Friday, 21 October 2011

A Day of Travel

Back from Toronto...
 where I had so much fun.
Where visuals, noise, smells and energy bubble up around you constantly.
That's not a negative, it's just different from my tangled woods.

Thank you Toronto
where Kiyomi, Carole, Kaite and many others looked after me so well.
Thank you Toronto
where I reunited with Anne-Marie, Gordana, Christine,
Sandra, Jeannie, Wendy, Helen, Anne, Pat,
and so many others.

I had forgotten I knew so many people!

I'm back but not really!
I have two days to prepare for a lovely week with India Flint.
Oh, and Mark.....we forgot the maple leaves....they're somewhere in your rusty car!


  1. welcome home. so many wonderful adventures.

  2. It looks as if you had a ball! And how exciting a week with India Flint!

  3. Welcome back to your NS home. We are sorry to lose you from ON but hope we looked after you well.

  4. Yes Deanna, it was a great experience that was made perfect with visits with both my boys.

    Yes Aracne.....India Glint!

    RT.....oh, yes you certainly did?

  5. Good to hear you had a great time in Ontario. You seem to be keeping busy. Your rusty pups must have missed you.

  6. Dolores....I hope they missed me...I sure missed them!

  7. A change is as good as a rest, right?


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