Saturday, 29 October 2011

...And What a Week it Was

A week of brewing....

A week of mornings spent unwrapping wondrous gifts created with the help of Mother Nature.

It was so much fun learning what our local flora and fauna were capable of.

A week of tiptoeing through washing lines.

As we brewed and wrapped giant cruise ships parked outside our window.

As we played with rust inside, huge pieces of rusty things sailed by outside.

My favourite piece of all was Kathryn's beauty.

Thank you India for sharing your wealth knowledge.
'Twas a very special week for me.
I learned so much.


  1. A bit of envy! Someday, I'll do a thing with India... maybe next summer when she'll be just over an hour from here. Who knows. In the meantime, we're expecting 8-12"of snow and I still have 3 and a half cords of wood to stack... off outside to the very chilly-for-October day to stack, stack, stack!

  2. I'd be in heaven if I could watch all those bundles being revealed. Must have been a great experience.

  3. Oh someday...and yes that bottom one is a "beauty."

  4. I am itching to try this bundling stuff, soon, soon.... Beautiful photos, very inspiring.

  5. How wonderful to spend a week discovering what colors can come from the most common of plants. They all look delicious and I'll be looking forward to seeing some of these dyes in your work.

  6. Swoon! What a beautiful locale for a class! Unwrapping the bundles must be like Christmas! Gorgeous photos and cloth.

  7. It sounds like a fantastic week!

  8. Valerianna...Can you tell me where it is India is coming to in Western Mass. Some of us from here might like to come too. Saw your snow on the news!

    Deanna & Jeannie...Unwrapping those gifts was indeed like Christmas every day! I love surprises.

    Deb & Hoola...Worth every minute.

    Penny...Yes, I'm itching to stitch!

    Rachel...A week of trying to absorb as much of India's knowledge as possible is indeed a fantastic opportunity.


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