Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Roses Galore

 We walked our visitors around the Historic Gardens....
The roses blew me away!

 I couldn't stop myself....

 pointing the camera....

 and pressing that button!

'Twas a lovely day for a 43rd wedding anniversary.
Handy Hubby and I have been married 42 years.
Holy cow!

Happy Birthday Kaite!


  1. Beautiful. So much reward for TLC.
    Happy Anniversary! Wonderful way to celebrate the day.
    xx, Carol

  2. congratulations on 43 years. the roses are beauties.

  3. Happy Anniversary

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Are those the Annapolis Royal Gardens? What a wonderful way to spend the day and a beautiful day it's been.

  5. Divine roses, i've never seen such beautiful photos of them.
    And, how wonderful, we share a date - many, many very happy returns for your wedding anniversary. I had a lovely day, quiet, but full of unexpected little joys, despite the foul weather outside.

  6. Happy Anniversary! The second those layers! Beautiful! I too get carried away with photographing flowers! It's so fun! :)

  7. Happy ann on 43 yearsx We have our 39th this goes so fast doesn't but l wouldn't change a day!xxxx We are 4 lucky people.

  8. BTW, belated congrats on the anniversary to you both. Also, seeing the roses makes me very happy. They're my absolute favourites, especially the orange/peach ones.


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