Saturday, 23 July 2011

One Thing Leads To another

Didn't know what to blog about.
Summer's heat is slowing things down.

Found this unfinished piece in my huge box of unfinished pieces.
I save every thread remnant.
Here they are caught beneath sheers.
Quite lumpy and bumpy.
Then stitched into....

...roots perhaps.
Brought to mind photos taken back in Dorset many years ago.

Roots travelling over an old stone wall
eagerly seeking nourishment somewhere.
This made me think of the even older hedgerows
in that part of the world.

Had to photograph a a reflection...but I like it.
The hedgerows in Dorset are ancient and surprisingly.
Deep within them and below the level of the surrounding fields you will find pathways 
worn down through the centuries by deer and badgers perhaps travelling from one
clearing or field to another.

So that's what you get when one thing leads to another!


  1. I never thought of doing that with all my thread ends. Brilliant idea. Thanks Penny.

  2. Yes - a very good use for thread ends! Thanks for stopping by today. I'm assuming you know the Ted Hughes book 'Crow'...? Your crow piece makes me think of several lines in it.

  3. Beautiful colors and textures in that unfinished piece.

  4. Wow, cool....

    And your words about hedgrows in Dorset brought back a summer memory - bittersweet. When I was a child, my family had a large house next to a lighthouse on a point on Cape Cod. We were there all summer, my family and my grandparents. My grandfather was a marine biologist in a nearby lab, and had built the house many years before. There was a tangle of Concord grapes in the back of the house that got quite large in summer, I remember crawling around in the pathways made by the woodchucks.... I was playing "Watership Down"... the memory is bittersweet because the house was sold about 25 years ago, and there is no longer one location where we all gather... I really miss that!

    Wow, a bit of a novel, sorry, but thanks for the opportunity to remember the tunnels in the grapevines!

  5. No offence Penny but i'm reminded of giant worms, sand worms, they are beautiful creatures such as your roots are.
    BTW, you see those Links to your post, below here, well Maggie isn't aware of how they got there, someone is doing it on her blog's behalf. They were on my blog also and i deleted them and then had a conversation with her about them. Could you leave them here for a short while for Maggie to see as i've just alerted her to them, so that she knows what we were talking about this morning. Tah, k.

  6. I love the colours and the textures, it is such a beautiful and inspiring piece of art.

  7. Hee, hee! I just wanted to compliment you on your wormy piece. I'm laughing because I was thinking that they looked like big, fat, colourful worms, before I even read Kaite's comment. Lovely texture and mix of colours.

  8. Hi Penny,
    Just dropping in again to admire your work. You are such an inspiration.
    Hope you will come again to our fibre art group here in Ingersoll.
    We certainly enjoyed having you and learned so many new things..
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful work

  9. I love how your mind works and 'sees' the potential in what I would probably toss out. The colours are so striking !

  10. ...lots of beautiful things happen...

    ...when one thing has led to another.

  11. Great use of odds and ends! "One thing leading to another" works really well, doesn't it...

  12. Mmm, once again, you put wonderful colour combinations together. I love turquoise/green and orangey-reds.
    And ancient greenways are magical...

  13. Kaite & AM: I certainly wasn't thinking worms!
    Hey Maggie: we had fun in Ingersoll.
    Valerianna: Watership Down - one of my most favourite books.

  14. oh roots yes, great texture

  15. I would like unfinished pieces like this, nice texture.


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