Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Disappearing Act

As you know Crow started off with solid conkers underfoot.
Didn't fit my vision of the story.
A few days ago I removed the appliqué and left the black outline stitching.
Now it looks like portholes...that's no good.

So poof......gone.....much better.
Now that organic cave wall effect has taken the spotlight.

Meanwhile stitchings...

or scratchings....


with gay abandon.


  1. Yes, I like that better too. You and Jude keep inspiring me to keep practicing my stitching...

  2. hmm, reminds me muchly of Australian Aboriginal art, those stitch markings, but still very Berens

  3. It's lovely when you get on a roll with stitching.....Arlee is right, your stitches (marks) do look like aboriginal art. Love that!

    Jacky xox

  4. What beautiful stitching you have done! I love this piece.

  5. I like the change.... and of course I'm partial to those black birds, I look forward to see how this cloth it evolves!

  6. So interesting to see the changes as they happen. The stitch marks are fabulous, so expressive. Do you use a frame or hoop for this kind of embroidery?

  7. thanks for sharing your thoughts, it inspires me and makes me happy!
    the colors of the dogs matching your work so nice.

  8. Your stitches please me no end! You are a textural magician, Penny. This piece is coming along splendidly!!

  9. Australian Aboriginal art as well as art from the African continent are huge influences on my work by the way! you are so right.

    No hoop with this piece; but I often do use a hoop. Let's hope I'm not pulling the threads too tight!

    The scratchings continue.

  10. Yes, much better. Just goes to show - follow your instinct!

  11. Oh all those beautiful armonious stitches! I wish that I could do something similar on my solar dyed fabric.

  12. très beau les corbeaux...! à voir aussi prochainement sur mon blog..


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