Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Another Completion Ahead of the Deadline

If you know me you know how much I dislike enforced themes and deadlines!
This piece is to fit in a show called Pentimento way over there in BC.
In my mind it is not me at all...completely out of character.
No story of the natural world around me
just a collection of techniques trying to demonstrate layers.
I have called it "Under Construction".
It looks like a building site doesn't it!

Snippets of colour were caught under a sheer scarf.
Then layers of grids in various proportions were couched and stitched on top.

And a woven sample from years back offered another form of grid
to complete the piece.

Talking of things hidden under layers....
Do you see my rusty guardian of the strawberry patch
hiding beyond the poppies.
He might keep the birds away
but the chipmunks have no fear. 
They snatch about half the strawberries from right under the guardian's nose!


  1. Your piece is not only lovely but it is in your voice. You're just not talking about the natural world. I can look at that piece and say, Ah, yes, that is Penny. You recognize a voice when you hear it whether it is laughing, singing or scolding the dog. Really lovely piece and a really lovely voice.

  2. It's a lovely piece!

    The colours and shapes work well together, and it is something of which you should be proud.

    x Chris

  3. You make me look at gimp and braid trims in a new way

  4. I think it blends the natural world with the urban - and looking at it takes some of the strain out of feeling surrounded by construction activities (scaffoldings + percussion drills everywhere in Berlin summer...)

  5. I hesitate to go against the flow here, but when I look at this piece I 'see' a satellite view of freshly plowed earth, divided by roads and highways. MAybe it's just my cockeyed way of looking at things! No matter, I like it anyway.

  6. Another piece of art, I also enjoyed a lot looking at the grasses and at Sandbank.
    I wonder where you find the time to stitch all this. Inspiration seems to come in a flow to you.
    By the way, I mentioned your blog in my last post, I hope that you do not mind, I would have written an email had I had the address.

  7. My computer screen now has smudges on it from me putting my nose so close as to see even more of this piece. It is lush and beautiful. I understand feeling that it is not you, as I have been there. However I see it as what is beyond the city structure, what once was forest is now I-beams and steel. Truly a wonderful piece. Now to get to gardening - what variety are those gorgeous poppies?!!! They are fantastic! I tried keeping the squirrels out of the walnuts and strawberries with a little guardian, the squirrels ate well.

  8. It does look a little more industrial than some of your other pieces, but I think it's a successful piece, and I don't think you should fear that it isn't "you". None of us talk about the same thing all the time.


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