Friday, 29 July 2011

Ancient Floors

While visiting Cyprus back in the 90's
Mother came across the 
mosaic floors of the ancient city of Soli.

Thinking they would inspire me,
she took snapshots galore. 

And she was right...they still inspire me.

Imagine the feet that have trod these floors for 2,500 years
give or take a few.

Apparently the artisans of the time started with geometric patterns.

And as their skills grew, the moved on to flora and fauna.

The swan and the vines edging him.....just glorious.

But my favourite would be the pup
perhaps guarding the entrance to somewhere.


  1. Gorgeous mosaics!

    I did an M.A. in Celto-Roman Studies (many moons ago now), and visited quite a few places with floors like these.

    Have a snoop around on the internet for any pictures of the mosaics at Zuegma. It was flooded when a new dam was built...such a shame that the archaeologists couldn't get more of them out before the waters rose...

    They have to be the most beautiful floors I've ever seen.

  2. Chris....That's not a shame it's a crime. I'm off to find images.

  3. Somewhere I have some good pictures of mosaic floors in Lyon. I took them (until I was caught)thinking:a quilt! The postcards on sale had limited shots. now I'll be up all night looking for them....

  4. I have pictures that I took of the mosaics in Ostia (Italy). And the floors in some of the churches... endless inspiration. I do sense a current at work... :)

  5. so much inspiration there. that pup looks like he appeared out of nowhere given the missing tiles. photos remind me of the cosmati pavement.

  6. of course the pup...but what a treasure of information.

  7. Beautiful those tiled floors! (That's something else than our simple tiles nowadays)
    They make great inspiration btw.

  8. All the dog needs is "Cave Canem" written under his feet!

  9. this is such a beautiful place here, your blog. there is so much inspiration in what you create and what you see in other's creations. thank you.

  10. I love the geometries and the pup with flying ears...


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