Monday, 13 June 2011

Unfinished Business

A little piece of homework done for City and Guilds many moons ago.
.....It's about time I put the finishing touches to this.....
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  1. Those 'finishing touches' are the most difficult for me. I'm always reluctant to actually finish a piece. I don't know why -- perhaps I'm not every totally satisfied with my work or perhaps I just don't want the process to end.

  2. I think with me it is because I'm not sure if the story has really been told or been told well enough. the process always continues on with the next story.

  3. Certainly worth mounting and finishing this - it looks lovely!

  4. An exquisite embroidery, I know most of the stitches and I find that they blend very well one into the other. And the colors too!

  5. It looks finished to me... and very lovely.

  6. this is beautiful!
    and loved all the colorful critters in the last post.


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