Friday, 17 June 2011

A Rest Day with no Voice

Yesterday my voice disappeared....
both physically and....
Had to send regrets to a meeting.
Attempted work in the studio
but found I couldn't make a decision on anything!
So I accepted a day of rest without speaking or voicing creative purpose.

Unwrapped my woollen bundles from eleven days ago.

Didn't expect onion skins to be quite so effective.

Found that the outside section of each bundle had turned a dull grey in every case...
The bottom half of first pic and the top half of the above were the outer skins of the bundle.

Love the dots created by my round teabags.

A piece of cotton was included ..... not very successfully.
This poor piece of Grandma's sheeting had spent 7 months
wrapped around a maple tree.
Not a speck of colour!
Every critter in the woods had had a good old tug at it though.


  1. onion skins never seem to disappoint. love your results with the wool. sure hope your voices return soon. you must have needed a rest.

  2. Enforced days of rest are necessary every now and then. I'm sure it will fuel your creativity tomorrow! I'm new to reading your blog but am loving it and learning all sorts of things. Thank you!

  3. Sometimes our body just craves a day off!! What wonderful results you got from your bundle -- love the shapes and colors. Doesn't it just make your finger tips itch to think about what you'll do with this pieces?

  4. so sorry about your voice, hope it's only a one day hiccup.
    the wool and onion is excellent.
    you could now dunk that critter chewed cloth in tea, rooibos tea comes to mind, there could be underlying resists that you're not aware of yet.

  5. Love those wraps! And I lost my voice - at least the physical one anyway this week as well! Though it is finally back - a very long Saturday night singing in a cave made it go away... yes, really... someday I'll blog about the cave.

  6. There are always days when the creativity lapses slightly. It always comes back, though, so take advantage of your rest, and come back to it refreshed and re-energised!

  7. The voice outside your head was silenced, but surely not the ones inside?? Rest and let your mind roam free......the voices and the creativity will be back soon..

  8. love your work..pity about your cloth with no marks on it for so long waiting for a resultx
    have you seen the latest images of my son's toller?

  9. Wool and onion skins, both very reliable. :) Hope you are feeling better. I used to lose my voice every once and awhile and I remember it being tiring in a special way.

  10. well..the eye of the beholder...
    the gradma sheet to me is
    extremely beauty the
    wear and tear. a treasure.


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