Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Pond Princes

The Bullfrog chorus lasts all day
except first thing in the morning when 
the Heron is here looking for breakfast.

My grandmother loved frogs.

Come to think of it,
when a bullfrog takes a leap
it is into the unknown.
I'm sure he can't see where he's going.


  1. A great aunt of mine had a thing about frogs - she always used to say they were clear evidence that the Almighty had a sense of humour!

  2. but the frog has all the trust in the world...

    love you

  3. l love frogs. We had a very awful experience when we lived in Papua New Guinea. In the Monsoon season all the frogs came out onto the road at night. It was impossible to not run over a lot of them as they were on every inch of the road. There is me shouting.."there's one, on miss that one..on no not there"! ha. my poor husband tried hard to miss them but it was impossible.

  4. True. Lovely frog photos and cloth. Hope summer has reached you now!

  5. I LOVE frogs!! So so much. They serenade me all day long too. Its glorious!!

  6. i love, love, love that simple 3-d applique frog! how adorable is that?!?

    of course, i am in awe of the stitched and beaded frog. amazing!


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