Sunday, 12 June 2011

Gossiping Beneath the Bird Feeder

At the office we used to joke about gathering around the water cooler to gossip.
The critters in my garden gather beneath the bird feeder
for a bit of he said she said.
A pigeon from what we call the Bomber Squadron started it all
with little miss chipmunk.

Then a Blue Jay clown joined in...

and Mr. Cardinal and Red the Squirrel came to put in their two cents worth.

The Bullfrogs in the pond have been adding to the conversation this week too.
Can you see him?
I sat on the bank, camera poised, finger on the button, 
trying to capture a mighty croak...
but every time I missed!


  1. Yes I see him! It must have been quite the conversation...

  2. such a cute gathering of critters.

  3. And I was thinking "Look how well they all get along". Yet another lesson of nature.

  4. It's exasperating how the digital camera shutter is always so slow!

  5. Oh, life is good.........!
    I love these sort of gatherings.


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