Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Wintering with Stones

A January thaw
brought water sweeping through the pond....

and filled the stream to bursting....

 and forced water to find a new path around rocks that edge the stream
starting erosion in a new place.
Let's hope it doesn't form another pond!

But as you can see the snow is back.
Stones are snug and warm in the studio
just laying around on table tops.

 The first stage of bringing stones together
is simply pinning them together in pairs.

Then they get pinned and sewn together in rows.

I am elbow deep in 365 stitched stones!

The real stones hang around together at one end of the studio.

The leftover fabric scraps are at my feet.
I am thinking these might edge the final piece/pieces.

I hope all of you in the northern hemisphere are warm
and those of you in the southern hemisphere are keeping cool!


  1. when they're stitched together you could turn the piece into an enormous bag (to hold all the stones) and thus create a fabulous sculpture...

  2. I really like seeing this stage, especially with the stones you made portraits of on the windowsill. I like India's idea. Looking forward to seeing this in real life.

  3. As a matter of fact I wondered what you had done with the ‘used’ stones, I could never imagine that they were kept in your studio!

  4. Love watching how this is coming along. xx

  5. I do hope that the stone stones and the stitched stones are going to be displayed together!

  6. How amazing to see both the stitched stones with the actual ones nearby...a special beauty here.

  7. Aw, Penny, the cloth is coming along beautifully. Yes, I too, wondered where the "inspirations" were housed! Hugs and blessings to you.

  8. lovely photos, that's quite a collection of rocks! good luck with the piecing! a great winter project

  9. 365 stone pieces - such a major accomplishment, especially when they are all laid out like that. I could spend hours looking at them. I'll be watching to see how you end up displaying them.

  10. WOW, Penny! Between you and JudyM. the inspiration is just so amazing. This collection of beautifully stitched stones will make a monumental piece that will certainly stand the test of time and be one more of your treasures in Nova Scotia fine art. Your surroundings must add to the inspiration - love the shots of the creek, the beautiful berries and the water. We have half an inch of ice all over everything this morning in Kingston! Huggs, bethany

  11. Is that a seagull keeping an eye on all the stones? i am happy to see all those rocky bits , i admit i have missed them.

  12. Yes, winter. You live in a wonderful area.
    I enjoy seeing the variety in shape, color and stitches in your project.
    Natural beauty.

  13. If I was in your studio (and i wish I was!) I would be playing match the real stone to its embroidered version. It would keep me occupied for ages.


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