Sunday, 28 January 2018

Rearranging Stones

Back in the good old summertime
this is what a stone pathway looked like
Lovely but to me not looking like a pathway.
For three days last week I unpicked all that work!

The tools of an unpicker include
a beautiful thread cutter
(A gift from the Mahone Bay Quilt Group)
duct tape
the inventors of which would never have imagined
their tape would be part of a stitchers tool box.
With all that unpicking threads were sticking to everything.

Then I remembered a tip from years back.

Snip the stitches on the wrong side
Lay some tape over the stitches on the right side.

Pull back the tape
and voila
the threads can't escape that sticky surface!
That unpicking took me three days.

 I did take breaks
like the day we walked the Rusty Pups

up the mountain
in deep virgin snow.

Since then I have spent days trimming and
stitching stones into
what I think looks more like
I am content.
As you can see I now have a mountain of trimmings
for which I will find another project.

May your days be filled with stitching things together
not so much taking them apart!


  1. I hadn't thought of duct tape for collecting threads. I usually use invisible tape, which isn't quite as sticky, and therefore isn't always so thorough!

  2. I'm going to have to try duct tape ... I currently use a lint roller, but as Rachel said, it isn't always thorough.

    I can see why you took three days ... and how it was time well spent.

  3. I do. I un-do. I re-do. Louise Bourgeois said that. A mantra for all of us. xo

    1. good to hear even the creative experts have to un-do or re-think their design. Makes me feel better about my un-doing ~ A good mantra indeed.

  4. ah you bring me back to the magic feather cloth days...

  5. Oh my, what a mammoth task! Great tip about the duct tape though, thanks. xx

  6. The new pathways look wonderful. As you say, more like your vision. I knew you were going to say you will do something from the trimmings!
    Sandy in the UK

  7. Your design wall with the stones, looks so good Penny. As I replied to Judy Martin, it was good to read the mantra that she shared & that even the creative experts at times un-do & re-do.

  8. Only a true artist would have designer-colored duct I haven't tried that particular trick...normally rely on masking tape....and I think the extra strength in the duct tape would be much better. I feel slightly sick at the thought of you reverse stitching all those stones, but I'm sure you have a good reason which will come clear when you reveal it.

  9. warm spell in my goodness Penny... I was so excited to see the green grass - thinking you had a warm spell in Annapolis Basin, but not to be true! Love the tip about the duck tape - who knew! Love seeing what you have up your sleeves this winter! Be warm...

  10. can't wait to see the way in the path....or should that be 'whey'?

    love the red tape duct....not plain gray for Penny, eh?

  11. Oh what courage all that unpicking took, and dedication too, but your vision is true. Very glad to know your trick with the duct tape - I hadn't thought of it when dong some unpicking recently, having only just learnt how to use an unpicker properly (your's is very beautiful), so those little bits of thread are still there. Now I know how to deal with them :-)

  12. Thanks for duct tape hint! Oh, those wonderful stones! And, the rusty pups melt my Golden Retriever Lovin' heart.


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