Monday, 8 January 2018

Living and Stitching in a Snow Globe

 The first week of 2018 has been and gone already.
Some of you might remember my car
died the first week of 2014.
This year it was our fridge that gave up the ghost!
It been fun trying to save all the food.
It is so cold that some of it is in picnic boxes
frozen solid outside in the garden
shhhhhh...don't laugh too loud
or tomorrow's chicken dinner
could be dragged up the North mountain
by a member of the local wildlife.

 It has snowed since the year began

The temperature has plummeted
The coldest we have experienced in Nova Scotia

It is beautiful
but hard on the birds and critters

I have been snuggled inside preparing for a February show
of my fifty-two 2016 crosses.
I am about half way through mounting them on foam board

I position them on the board
clamp them into place

I prefer to stitch them to the board.
First I poke a hole through to the back
in each corner.
This helps me hit the right spot when actually stitching.
Then I just take a stitch through each corner.

The backs will look like the one at the top of this photo.

I will sign each one
and number it according to which week of 2016 it was made for.
If I have time I will place a label on the back
recording what happened during that particular week.
Now I have to work out which hanging mechanism
works best with foam board.

It is very strange not stitching a stone every day!
But I am working on putting them together.

Brrr! it's cold here.


  1. love your crosses! great way to mount them, I would love to see pictures of them hanging at the show! We have been frozen here in Ohio too. This is the first day we are above negative degrees in two weeks

  2. Even though it is colder than usual here in the South, I can't begin to imagine what it must be like to live in a snow globe! Your photos are lovely, eerie, and mysterious. I really like your embroidery pieces and the way you are mounting them!

  3. I will have to delve into your blog's history and look at the 2016 daily work. I came late to your very interesting blog. Maine is snowed in but no icicles as yet. Did you announce your daily art for 2018?

  4. That's a good way to mount them - simple and clean. Hanging, though - that probably depends on how you are intending to display them!

  5. Glad you are cozy and warm (if feeling a wee bit house bound!)...and in awe of your prolific work in 2016. Now I'll have to read back in those archives to follow along!

  6. Congratulations on having your show. That is a wonderful display idea to showcase all the crosses. Stay warm!

  7. Penny, these crosses are wonderful. I have to go back and re-visit them on the blog. They are among my very favorites. Wishing you all good things for your show. No doubt, they will be received well. Blessings Friend.

  8. This post belies the incredible amount of effort that this will surely take ... to a wonderful end

  9. stunning snow photos, as I write this it's mid-afternoon and approx 33c.
    such beautiful wishes for a wonderful exhibition. Yes please, we would love to see a photo (actually many photos) once your work is all on display.

  10. Thanks for sharing your mounting process.
    Your stitching and colors are beautiful, as always.
    Sorry to hear about your fridge, I hope you get that fixed before you loose too much to the wildlife.

  11. So sorry about your fridge - but lucky that you can put things outside and not lose it (local wildlife notwithstanding). Wish I could come to your show - would love to see your work in person.

  12. Very interesting piece and thanks for sharing. Snowed in here in Ontario too.

  13. Just to say how much I have enjoyed dipping in and out of your blog during the year to check on the Stones' progress, and to try and work out what materials and stitches you have used. It was fascinating to see how you interpreted the stones in fabric and thread, and how individual each little picture turned out to be.

  14. crazy crazy weather....iguana's falling out of trees, crocodiles snouts poking up out of the ice, even Hell froze over. and fire. california burning up.

    but your crosses...must be nice to hold, touch them again.

  15. penny, how wonderful the stones have been, and the last couple of posts are very beautiful. i've so enjoyed the "routine" of your stitching, how beautiful it is.

  16. Sometimes I think I would prefer your cold to the grey, wet days we are having here! But then the grass is always greener. At the end of next week we head to Spain for some sunshine and dry weather. I hope your frozen food survived the local wildlife and a new fridge is now installed. I love the way you are framing your crosses, I so enjoyed following your journey with them. Also your stones and look forward to seeing what you do with them. Happy 2018. xx

  17. Catching up on your blog and the posts are beautiful. I had forgotten about your crosses in the excitement of watching your stones. I look forward to a shot or two of the whole cross installations. In the spirit of keeping things simple, why not attach them to the wall with straight pins or T pins?


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