Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Shield of protection.... Perhaps

It takes time to know when a piece is finished.
Hanging it one a wall where you will actually see it.
Living with it
not so much sitting down and staring at it
but noting your reactions as it catches your eye.
What is new for me in this piece
I never felt the need to fill the background with kantha or running stitch.
Just the mottled markings of rust and tannin are enough for me.

The delicate random markings.... the background speak loudly to me. 

A speckled moon looks down on
silk rouleaux couched down in a shape that I initially
thought would be a rock.
Today I think of it more as a protective structure
A shield perhaps.

Protection for this glowing ember or perhaps a sun.
It might change again as I continue living with it.
The last time I wrote about this piece was mid July.


  1. One of the advantages of embroidery is that because it is slow, it gives you time to think about what you are doing.. Although even then, it can change completely when you hang it on a wall!

  2. I never fail to be amazed at what you do.

  3. I love this! It is peaceful and very aware...

  4. i wonder if nematodes look like those marks you have made, in the soil under the rock that may become a shield.

    i have your landscape on the wall to ponder upon. i thought for sure i knew what i wanted to do with it, with the tree trunks. but now, i am not so sure. but now that you have me thinking here....gotta go

  5. What an amazing piece Penny !!!
    (how big is it ?)
    Love the rusty colours and the light blue

  6. Life force was the first thing I thought of when I saw this. One of those instantaneous thoughts that didn't take any time to formulate. It's a wonderful piece Penny.

  7. Ohhhh what an amazing piece - the stitching adds texture and a sense of connection. Would you like to share it with my fiber art link up - Off the Wall Friday? You're more than welcome to link up any Friday - Monday.

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  9. Straight away I thought of Uluru (Ayers Rock) when I saw your piece...Uluru, with a sacred site. A Beautiful piece, thank you for sharing.


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