Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Crumbs on Fire - Week Thirty-Three

tried to depict the charred woods
with a hot, hot sun and
blackened charred trees.

Fabric has been brewing
wrapped around all the gathered findings at Diane's camp.

Something new for me
started wrapping rusty bits with paper towel
to protect the cloth I wrap around it.
soaked some paper towel in rusty water
and included that inside and around the bundles.

This was a huge bundle!
It is my grandmother's old table cloth
and will be used as the back of a large piece I am about to start.
Very tempted to forget that plan and design a new piece for it
but so far I am sticking to my plan.

Lovely watery markings.

Have a great day.


  1. Beautiful results, Penny! Just so rich and I love your idea of incorporating your grandmother's table cloth.

  2. Such a beautiful piece depicting the reality of the forest...! Love the potential of the cloth brewing!

  3. I like the burned trees. On our way to camp as a family,one year, we had passed through forest fire remains. Later, when I asked everyone what they remembered most, for a 'landscape' of course, my oldest GD said, "the burnt-ted trees". So I added them too.

  4. Always interesting things going on.

  5. That is a wonderfully fiery piece!

  6. oh, the pain in that fire, the might and the burned! wow. stunned.

  7. Amazing crumb, but so unfortunate the necessity for it. Clever girl to think of paper towel wrapped rusty things - gives a whole new appearance to the fabric results. I like it!


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