Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A Mountmellick Crumb - Week Thirty-Four

This week I thought I might as well use my crumb to work out some
Mountmellick stitches because I will be making a piece
based on this Irish embroidery for a show next year.
Traditionally Mountmellick is worked white on white using thread similar to crochet thread.

I tried out some filling stitches using a crochet thread.
Perhaps it will be easier on a larger design.

Buttonhole stitch might be useful for my project.

I tried thorn stitch....not a favourite of mine.
I tried Mountmellick stitch...think I could play with that one.
Couching....will use that for sure.
Cable chain...not too keen on this one.
Feather stitch....yes
Cable braid stitch....yes, that can be played with.

Fishbone stitch....perhaps.
Herringbone....for sure.
Cable stitch has possibilities.
Bullion knots....not sure, though I do like them.
All part of the process of getting into the mindset of a new piece.

As I write this it is a lovely rainy day, finally!


  1. Cable chain is quite pretty, but a bit sensitive to the balance between stitch length and thread. I was very taken with Mountmellick stitch, but I've not found many uses for it - not yet.....

  2. So glad you are having some rain. Interesting stitches, I look forward to seeing what you are going to do.

  3. I like the white on beige - better to see the stitches. Hooray for your rain!!!

  4. I like the white on beige - better to see the stitches. Hooray for your rain!!!

  5. Though it's not a Mountmellick stitch, that I know of, but I used a #5 pearl for the trees in your landscape. I put in 2 or 3 looooong stitches close together, then wound around those to "condense" them? I will take pix of them today and blog, because I think I have finished the PBLandscape as I call it.

  6. Ahhhhhhhh, would love to FEEL those stitches,
    so thick and rich !

  7. Looks gorgeous, I love the white on white!

  8. A fun wee stitch sampler! I wonder, if the thread used traditionally could be replaced with crochet cotton. I often embroider with it and I am pretty happy with the results. It's cheaper than the 'proper' thread too (I use it in place of pearl cotton).

  9. Great little Mountmellick sampler Penny, makes an interesting piece. I envy you your rain! xx

  10. Because we so seldom get a lot of rain in the high desert of Northern Arizona, I, too, love the rain. Apparently it rained last night because I hear water drops from the large ponderosa pine tree outside my bedroom dripping on the skylight. No storm, just a light, gentle, "female" rain for us. It's only the middle of October and snow usually starts in November. I think the global warming trend is moving across Northern Arizona.

    As always, I love your stitching. I'm going to look up your fabric and thread dying posts. Thank you for so many posts to enjoy. I'm not ready for hand stitching yet because the back brace gets in the way when I'm sitting. But I can do some sewing at the sewing machine and I'm trying my hand ad machine appliqué. "Trying" is the operative word. I guess I could take some close up shots of what I'm doing. I try to stick to my photography but since I quilt also, I say, why not show what I'm working on.


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