Thursday, 7 April 2016

Going Bigger For a While

It was only after photographing the pinned layers on the design wall
that I fell in love with the little colourful dots.
It sent my mind a wandering
Perhaps I should consider
combining some discharged pebbles 
and black walnut dyed linen
tiny colour filled dots.

Finally I have made a start on this piece
Two layers basted together
and first embroidery stitches have been made.

 It is very big for me
Bigger than I usually work

Perhaps that is why I seem to have found every excuse
in the book
to delay the start of stitching.

Though from pinning cloth together on the design wall
and the start of started
is always a long period of time for me.

I seem to need to absorb what the cloth is telling me
whether to go this way or that way
with colour and stitch.

Things need to percolate
before I get my grubby little hands on it!


  1. 'grubby' no -- 'creative' yes!!!

  2. 'grubby' no -- 'creative' yes!!!

  3. calming colours...looking forward to seeing the progress.

  4. I'm heading toward my first ever large cloth ... your journey is sure to be instructive and I thank you for that

  5. Already entranced with your colors and beginning stitches. Amazing what your very creative grubby hands might create...occasional sneak peeks please!!

  6. I love the gentle design and colours Penny. I shall watch it's progress..... X

  7. I'm sure the percolating will be quite speedy here!

  8. love and know that...."the start of started"....

  9. i find myself at the "start of started" quite a bit, love the phrase- i certainly like your piece with the dots!

  10. maybe the spots you already have? use them as dots? grass stained, flower pounded for color? i have been wondering if some of the herbal teas will 'stain' different colors on fabric?

    oh the possibilities, the places you can go...

  11. ah, and like a perfectly brewed mug of coffee, that percolation brings forth from your mind such beautiful and inspiring creations! this new one is no exception!

  12. I'm a firm believer that listening to cloth tells you much about the way it wants to go. I find that particularly true when making dolls. I know I'm going to enjoy watching the progress on this one.


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