Thursday, 14 April 2016

A Rusty Pup Day

A Favourite playtime
for Handy Hubby and the Rusty Pups.
Several times a day HH practices golf shots using tennis balls.

RP Shandy's obsession is to not allow that ball past her.
She would have made an excellent goalie.

Whereas RP Kayla would rather wander off
using her nose to discover what critters had wandered through her garden....

....or sometimes just keep me company.

When the tennis balls stop whirling across the garden
RP Shandy still keeps an eye on HH
to make sure she's not missing a ball retrieval opportunity.

If there is no chance of ball catching
I swear she drops a ball beside the pond
and waits to see how long it takes to roll into the freezing water
so that she can whine expecting me to dive in and get it!
I tell her that ball is her responsibility therefore her decision to jump in not mine.


  1. Our Moe' favorite activity is dropping the ball or toy into the hot tube while we are in it. Then we through the ball and he brings it back again and again. It never gets dull for him! Our pets make us laugh!

  2. They know how to get their fun, don't they!

  3. Love the pics of the Rusty Pups. Our Katie is in doggy heaven now (March 31st)- we still have her sister, Amy. Nice long lives - 16 years old.

  4. Doggy love. They bring such joy - not only to you, but to us when we get to see their pictures and see them loving life.

  5. Fun post! I don't believe anything can enjoy life as much as a dog!

  6. Fun post! I don't believe anything can enjoy life as much as a dog!

  7. i came by catching up on the work (and show--congratulations!) and found this little post about dog play pleasing me so much...


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