Monday, 9 March 2015

Time Unfolding

Scratched time unfolding

The sun appeared for the first time in ages.

A pale winter sun

Not even strong enough to warm us up

Nor strong enough to start a spring melt.

It's rays were just strong enough to create thick layers of wicked ice.
Slippery ice.
Be careful out there.


  1. And a lovely sun it is, with all those different rays!

  2. lovely work!! it can be pale, just so long as it shines!!

  3. A lovely representation of the sun -- at this time of the year it is ever so welcome, even if it isn't quite bright or warm enough.

  4. This is beyond beautiful ...perfect in color and stitches...thank you for bringing this particular sunshine into my day!

  5. Dear Penny I wandered around your blog today for a long time and I am almost speechless.So much beauty and magic I found there, so many ideas and endless imagination, abundance of creativity and artful expression, together with masterful execution.
    Your work is amazing and your blog is a treasure cove of pleasure. I will enjoy visiting again and I am looking forward to it.

  6. This is such a fine fine sun! Please do be careful.

  7. Wow, that sun is gorgeous. I hope the real one soon starts to give you a bit more light and warmth!

  8. Big hug telepathicly being sent your way Penny! Your work always inspires & that sun lifts the soul!


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