Monday, 12 September 2011

Working in the Background of my Mind

As I stitch on the Rusty Gate
thoughts of how to develop the next rusty piece are percolating.
This one has always been about feathers to me.

Feathers like this.

Or this.

One of my favourite things is to dye a piece of fabric
then sit back and see what story it reveals.
I've been trying to identify the feathers on a photograph.
Some don't work and will be rejected, but things are gelling.

Percolating cannot be rushed.
Good thing too
because there's lots more stitching to be done elsewhere!


  1. I like the idea of waiting for the cloth to tell you its story. I have a few like that too. You're right, it can't be hurried.

  2. I think the percolating is one of the most fun parts of developing a piece of work, too!

  3. What a brilliant idea you have with the photograph! I may just need to borrow it just a little!!! No time for me to rust this year, too busy at work. Perhaps 2012 could be my year for rust!

  4. feathers and leaves seem so interchangeable.

  5. Feathers... perfect is appropriate that this cloth is revealing these wonderful feathers with the Magic Feathers in our minds at the moment.
    Will you stitch or applique?

    Beautiful, gentle story here.

    Jacky xox

  6. I have just gone over the past week or so of your posts. Wow, I really missed some wonderful stuff.
    As usual, now I am so so inspired. I love to see how you work and the thoughts that go through your mind while doing so. Beauty abounds.

  7. Penny feathers, copper and rust, saving time, spending time

  8. Aaaaah Penny, those feathers .....

  9. the sketching is beautiful, imagining it in stitch! especially love the large one w/cross-hatching on the edge. love getting to see your percolating.

  10. I use the same technique when I write poetry. Generate the initial material - then let it stew for a bit. Then make some revisions, set, revise, set... Until one day I read the poem and it dances on its own two feet. Then I know it's done.

  11. Fabulous feathers!! I love this and I'll be looking forward to seeing it all done.

  12. Ooooo...what a wonderful idea for this rusty piece. I like the idea of trying 'em out on a photograph. Such beautiful feathers. I'll be interested to see which ones you feel 'didn't work'.

  13. Anne Marie and Nancy...not my idea that trying it out. A couple of wise teachers taught me that...Chris from my painting days and Jude does it too. that would be something... a poet I am not!

    Jacky...probably both.

    Karen & Rachel...don't have the discipline to maintain a sketchbook though!

  14. I love seeing how your mind works! The story being told with this fabric is going to be incredible - I'm anxious to see the end result (but I know that percolating can't be rushed, so I'm willing to wait).


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