Monday, 19 September 2011

Warmth on a Cold, Cold Morning

A few warm pictures to help with the shock that we've turned the heating on.
Brrr and it's only September!

In between transplanting perennials to new homes
and thinking of ways of eating and preserving courgettes,
beets and apples....

....a lot of cloth is being covered with stitches.


  1. That's ok, we've just turned our heating off. And i'm stitching with knitting needles, for kids' chrissy gifts.

  2. Yes, indeed, . As you say, warm colours do help a little!

  3. Sorry to hear that's already so cold over there. Love the "rustique" piece with all the stitches.
    That needle case in the previous post is wonderful. She made that herself?

  4. It is suddenly colder here too, I was discussing with my children how we enjoy the change of the seasons.
    I love so much your rust and your stitches, I am inspired every time that I see them.

  5. We have heating on too, as well as a few extra layers. So soon! Is your thread rust-dyed too? The stitches are perfect for that cloth.

  6. Cold here too!.....had to fire-up the beast already. Good thing we've got a nice pile of wood ready.

    Love the rust and ALL the stitching. works so well...

  7. Kaite...More cuddly blankets?

    Rachel...Yes a lot of it's in the mind!

    Judy and Penny...Thanks a bunch!

    Els...No, I made it for her.

    Aracne...One of the things I love about living here is the obvious change in seasons.

    Karen...No, these threads weren't rust dyed, just using every DMC red browns I can find!

    Chris...We are bursting at the seams with wood drying out!

  8. Lovely lsubtleties...and the photos are beautiful...

  9. That's really impressive, Penny - I thought the threads were hand-dyed too. They look as if they were made to be with this cloth.


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