Friday, 30 September 2011

Testing the Waters

Didn't go to Jane's class with any fabric because I really don't to floral.
Would have been quite happy playing with pencil and paper for three days.
However Jane didn't object to me playing with water reflections
I popped out and bought some fabric.
It seems that wherever quilters gather there is always someone selling fabric!

After two days of cutting squiggles I was disappointed...
it looked like that op art fabric print from the sixties!
But then two things happened...
I thought of adding that blue scratchy leaf fabric.
By having about 6" inch lengths appear from behind the vertical squiggles
and placing them to form a large curve across the whole piece
the eye will have another line to follow........hopefully!
I still felt it needed another shape
Jane spotted lozenge shapes in my photo
and promptly cut some out of paper.
You can see one at the top of the first photo....
So now I have something I can work with.
Not in my usual style 
but 'twill be fun.

Thank you for a great workshop Jane.


  1. !!!!!!!!!!OOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Hmmm, at first I thought they were fish bones.
    I look forward to seeing the complete piece. It's intriguing.

  3. Look forward to seeing where this one flows!

  4. This is very exciting. -Sue

  5. the image loads before the words...first response, like, like it...movement, pattern, texture, unity, variety........anxiously awaiting where this one is going...

  6. The blue scratchy leaf fabric already looks like stitches. Interesting!

  7. Yes, this will be interesting. I always think it is good to see something that is not the "usual style" too..

  8. It's always worth adventuring occasionally, and this looks like a very promising adventure..

  9. I love this experimentation -- sometimes it fun to go off the beaten path and try new-to-us designs, colors, patterns. I think you'll really like this as you go on with it.

  10. Mmmm, I love it, it seems very exciting,I also loved the previous post.
    I do love new techniques and experimenting, thanks for sharing.

  11. Great to see what you did at Jane's class Penny. This and the previous post gave me an idea.

    You can always learn something, n'est-ce pas?



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