Wednesday, 28 September 2011

September Growth

Looking more like a sponge than a spreading fungus growth.

A village of mushrooms is growing beneath the trees.

Their rooftops look like a natural dyer has been at work in the garden.

I suppose to an ant it might look like an alien spaceship.
Something out of 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'.


  1. i think you can dye with the top one. stitch yourself a bag from nappy liners, soak it overnight then boil it up, should give a gold which of course you would love.

  2. There are some wonderful shapes there, aren't there!

  3. i think about how much bigger things are than i am capable of seeing as the ant and the mushroom. great photos.

  4. for sure the aliens have landed

  5. Kaite..I'll have to have a go.

    Rachel...oh, yes, in everything.

    Deanna...Sometimes my camera sees better than me!

    Jude...Listen for that organ music!

  6. aliens and fungarians abound...tis the season, for a while longer--

  7. Now, this sounds like something I might say. . .:)


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