Thursday, 29 September 2011

Designing Within Shape

Years ago I found some shapes in that water photo
and forced them into pie shapes and from there into a circle.

Under Jane's guidance we all tried to get to know a flower.

We had to choose a shape and force a leaf into it.
Couldn't resist a nibbled leaf.

Tried a triangle.

Then a circle.

Didn't take much to force a lily into a triangle.


  1. Penny, this is brilliant! What a clever idea and how beautifully executed!

  2. Those are great starting points for interesting designs...

  3. cool exercise - it would be good for my Exploring the Natural World class... lovely drawings!

  4. Great ideas here; your lily reminds me of a William Morris design!

  5. What an interesting post. I really like to see how you do this.
    You make me pause and consider.
    I have been working with triangles with the children in my classes. This is a wonderful exercise, hmmmm.
    I love the leaf.

  6. Ha, Penny, you have a great class with Jane!
    Wonder what will follow those drawings.... I'm sure they will appear one day (soon)

  7. excellent design intro, must have been a wonderful class

  8. Love it when something 'takes shape'!

  9. Thank you all for your comments. It was such an interesting class. Jane's sense of design is so different to me who leans more towards texture than shape and form.

  10. I really envy the assurance in your drawn lines - and your stitched ones come to that!


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