Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday Steven


  1. happy rememberings for a beautiful golden boy.

  2. Thinking of Steve today, as I do every year on my birthday. Thank you Steve for showing me what it looks like to enjoy life to it's fullest. You always choose spending time with friends, or taking in a new experience, rather than putting it off to later. Thanks for the great memories to this day, for shaping that great, youtful, part of my life, and most of all, thanks for the great times and a lot of laughs!'s funny how in life we have some friends who influence us so little over years of knowing them, yet we have some friends who are only with us for a handful of years, yet they influence us so much, like Steve. I'll be toasting you with a birthday beer tonight Steve...a Molson Export of course!!! Cheers!


  3. This beautiful boy gift was yours for far too short a time. Today we celebrate his birth and the joy he brought to you.

  4. ...I'm with you today Penny...

    x Chris

  5. Kaite, Penny and Chris...Thank you girls...I know you too have special days of memory.

    Pierre...Bless your were a good friend to Steven...and boy did you guys have fun! Thank you for keeping in touch with his old mom!


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