Tuesday, 20 September 2011

As we walked through the woods to our favourite watering hole
red squirrels chattered and screeched warnings that
rusty pups were about.
We were interrupting their busy winter preparations.

The pups and I took a path less travelled.

They swam in the lake
rolled in the sand
and played tag through the trees.

I spied subtle signs of seasonal changes.

Do you remember having to explore all the types of line you could make in art class?
Where water and land meet
So many types of edges or lines.
Smooth firm line of rock against water
Gently rippled lines of waves
A scratchy line of washed up pine needles 
Spikey gatherings of shoreline grasses.

Have a nice day
and go and see what Kaite's creative Mum can do with kelp
down there in Australia!


  1. Those plumed tails are wonderful - and I can just imagine the chittering from the squirrels too!

  2. Love the line of shore-and the plume of tails!

  3. Rachel...just like those puppies or were they donkeys learning to work together!

    Patty....yes, what could be better than rocks and sandy bits being lapped by water.

  4. So beautiful and I bet the feel of the air and the smells of change are wonderful!


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