Thursday, 25 August 2011

Watching Whales

Some were lucky enough to go whale watching...
I had to stay home because of a commitment.
They got home disappointed there had been no breaching.
The whales were too busy eating.

But it seems to me they were greeted with friendly waves.

Surrounded by mothers and daughters...

and pretty close encounters.

And of course good-bye tails.

They had a simply gorgeous day for a trip out to sea.


  1. It certainly sounds like a great day - a pity you missed it!

  2. Something I've always wanted to do! Beautiful photos.

  3. How wonderful to see the sea again, and the whales would be a bonus, as would sea birds

  4. R - yes, I missed a great time.
    N - Such an awe inspiring thing to do.
    K - How far to the sea for you?


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