Thursday, 4 August 2011

Stitching Samples

Back in the day one of my favourite things to do
was stitch samples.

We were told to explore
thick and thin...

matt and shiny....

and a few other things long forgotten!

I lived surrounded by quilters.
Not an embroidery thread to be found!

I can see I managed to get a hold of some of mother's tapestry wool...
she made many a kneeler for the village church
back home in England where embroidery abounded
and not much quilting was seen.


  1. Yummy stitches and colours.

    Jacky xox

  2. perfect for a grey cool morning here to see such colour and definition

  3. Very nice and relaxing I'd say.

  4. What treasures!

    Lovely colours too....especially those deep rusty reds :-)

  5. That's a great series of investigations, and a wonderful resource.

  6. Beautiful stitch explorations. They remind me of the illustrations in my Constance Howard book.

  7. Lovely stitches. I remember making stitch samplers in school. Since they are long lost, perhaps it is time to make one again.

  8. I love 'samplers' and these are so beautiful they are pieces of stitchery art all by themselves.

  9. Rachel and Penny mentioned resource and they're right...samplers are such a handy dandy way of working out what a stitch can express.

    Alex mentioned Constance Howard...who really created single handedly the modern art-form of embroidery.

    Chris I think that rusty red with a hint of salmon is one of your colours.

    Arlee...Had any snow this summer?

    Jeannie...If only stitching was still part of the school curriculum. was pressure at the time being homework with a deadline!

    Jacky, Julie and Beth...not good for the digestion though!

  10. Being surrounded by quilters certainly didn't hold you back, Penny! I wish I knew this much about stitching...but then, that could happen, couldn't it, if I made some samplers of my own? ;>}

    Thank you for this inspiration today!

  11. Penny,,,absolutely stunning - each and every one. Such skilled stitches...amazing. I did not go to that kind of school. I went to one where the teacher taught you to hate the needle and thread!


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