Thursday, 18 August 2011

Spiralling in Time

Things in nature often spiral into being.

How long does it take a shell to grow beneath the waves?

Fossilized ammonites have lasted how many millions of years?

Stitching a spiral takes but a minute or two.

If life is a spiral, my question is... does the spiral speed up the older we grow?
It amazes me that as I age time seems to rush by faster and faster.
I expected it to slow down......not so.
I spent the whole of Tuesday thinking it was still Monday!


  1. I can absolutely certify that the spiral speeds up. The question is I guess, when do we stop spiraling up and start spiraling down :-)

  2. I can confirm that it speeds up.
    Lost a day last week somehow.

  3. Seriously, I think there is really something to this. I keep asking people of all ages what they think about the perception of time and they all say it seems to be speeding.
    I wonder if we just do not understand the underlying reason. . .
    who knows?
    But, I like this post. I love the spirals.

  4. I LOVE spirals! I know what you mean about the days going by so quickly. I'm often wondering 'what day is this'?

  5. yes, each year seems smaller in comparison to all the time that has already accumulated as out past.

  6. My question is, do we spiral inward or outward or both along our spiral life path?

  7. You're lucky if you're only losing a day - I've been losing entire decades and getting very confused, recently!

  8. Angie..or are we spiralling outwards and then inwards?

    Phillipa....Just shows we shouldn't waste a minute. perhaps it's not my age but more the 'age' we are living in.

    Penny...You and me both.

    Jude...Yes, each year smaller than the one before.

    Valerianna...Think we do it both ways so that we don't get too set into one groove.

  9. Penny - I just saw your crow piece - fabulous and so rich with stitch!

  10. I was told to think of a spiral that is shaped like an hour glass, sometimes is speeds upward, downward, or very tightly. I do know that time speeds up. I never had to look at a calendar until I retired, now I never know what day it is. Penny, your bluejay feathers are spectacular! Love the ammonite shells.

  11. My long-held theory is that time (our life) is a spiral and we are born on the outer edge, travelling towards the centre and each round slightly shorter than the last. Sometimes I do feel very dizzy.

  12. Thanks Yvonne!

    Jeannie...I have a lovely book on spirals that has drawings of exactly that type of spiral.

    Karen...Funny, I have always thought of life starting at the centre and spiralling outwards.

  13. There are some really interesting and informative videos on you tube about sacred geometry and the golden mean. Your flower images reminded me of them. I can't remember who did them, but he is a mandala artist...I like the idea of spiraling inward, coming toward the center of all, and closer to our true self, who we were meant to be.

  14. B...I have a lovely book on sacred geometry. Think I'll sit down with it today.


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