Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Hunter overhead

The eagle soaring overhead fills me with awe every time.
He`s up there in a clear blue sky hunting for his dinner
and hopefully he has a family to feed back at the aerie.
Thank goodness the rusty pups are too big for him least I think so.


  1. are the rusty puppies restless if he flies over?

  2. Isn't it great living in a place where you can see such wonders as this?
    By the way, I really like the way you have your blog set up and the stitchings widget is wonderful.
    We have these and chicken hawks flying over all the time.
    I think I need to get a feeder like your table. I have a difficult time catching photo's with the bird feeders we have.

  3. Oh, no, Yvette, the rusty pups are not bothered at all. They probably reckon that being a pack of two they have better odds!

  4. Filamental...Well thank you,B! I've been tempted to change it to the newer more open designs; but I like the cosy feeling of what I've got going for now. You've reminded me that I really should take some time to update that stitching widget!
    About the birds...if they have to land on an open surface I think you get more time to press that button quickly!

  5. Beautiful. The soar of birds of prey fills me, which is the complete opposite of the flapping and flittering of other birds...that unnerves me!
    I have yet to spend time with your stitching widget...but I will...oh Yes I will :)

  6. Oh, yes Nancy I quite agree. Big and skating is my preference too!

  7. A sight to lift the heart!


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