Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Down at the Dike

They've cut the tall grass..

and gathered it into spools of thread...

or marshmallows perhaps
neatly lined up in a row of dots below the mountain.
Yes, this is our "mountain".
Not exactly an "alp" but those pointy bits at the top are 50 foot spruce.
I've written about this before
and so here comes a "repetition"...
That messy line atop the mountain where the earth kisses the sky...
I love it.

Handy Hubby brought along his camera too.
I asked him to photograph this and that and just about everything.
He said he felt like my blogging assistant!

They've cut the grass but not the bulrushes.
So, Kaite, should I pick some and try and make a basket?

Waiting and wondering why we're so slow!


  1. nice that you have a helper. say 'yes', kaite. can't wait to see the basket.

  2. We have a lot of those hay rolls around the area also -- I love seeing them all neatly bundled.

  3. hi, sorry i was late getting here, got held up on the road!
    bulrushes, yes you could try. Mum is the expert here but you pick them (the long leaves) and let them dry in a shaded place, shed or garage or under the bed, then later re-dampen them. That avoids the shrinkage that would happen in the basket otherwise.
    they are used as weavers and you need something else as spokes - willow, ossier, apple or pear branches etc.

  4. Now that you've labeled it so...I can see why you love the "messy line"...where the edge is blurred and anything is possible. Your photos are beautiful, as are your words. Great job to your assistant!! lol
    It looks like your pups are full-on laughing at you :)
    Thanks for this beautiful post. I know I will always be rewarded with a treat when I come here!

  5. Congratulations to you and your assistant - great photos!

  6. Maryann...Thanks for dropping by.

    Deanna...that would be a completely new medium for me!

    Penny...Neatly bundled and decomposing under the sun for hungry winter cows!

    Thanks, Nancy. I am so honoured that you drop by. It was hot, the pups were eager to get home as we came to the end of the walk!

    Rachel..He does a good job!

  7. I'm back in the land of the commenting and have read all the posts I've missed whilst on the move. Some deep thoughts and some excellent photography. You have a very handsome blogging assistant (and you already know what I think of those marvelous rusty pups!).


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