Monday, 1 August 2011

Crow's Home

Crow's home is developing.
Sometimes the stitches seem like feathers
and other times like bird footprints.
I like that.

I've been avoiding the area where the shadow or spirit of Crow appeared.
It always takes time. 
Time to think of why he's there and what part if any he should play.
Time to think of how to develop him.
I'm thinking he is the spirit of crows who went before.
Crows who know the dangers of standing beneath a chestnut tree!
I want him to come and go among the surrounding stitches....not too obvious.
Not sure how to do that yet, but this is what he looks like now.
I'm tempted to give him a blue dot for an eye...don't know why!

As I ponder...

...lots of stitching is scratching it's way across the background.

Just because I love backs.

Replacing threads can be a problem when the nearest store is miles away.
So, when it was too hot to stitch.....
to my surprise I organized myself....
by making a colour reference guide.
Now I can order over the phone or on-line with confidence.
Of course I've since discovered that DMC have an on-line colour chart!
But at least I know my colours are true.


  1. It's making good progress...

  2. I love your stitching....It is very calming to stitch this way, in my cae, i do it with no specific path, just a journey taht develops naturally....

  3. You do one amazing job, Penny ! (again) LOVE it

  4. I can see that you are enjoying your journey with the crow.(or crows)

  5. The stitch marks are so expressive. They strike me as a peculiarly female voice.

  6. Wow all of those stitches are amazing! Love this!

  7. the stitching is so expressive - a real lesson and very beautiful as well


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